Understand When and How Long Railroad Crossings are Blocked in Real-Time
Need to know when and how long railroad crossings are blocked?
TRAINFO Blockage Insights provides the best railroad crossing blockage data on the the market.
With TRAINFO Blockage Insights you have online access to the most accurate and detailed crossing blockage data.
TRAINFO’s train detection sensor collects
crossing blockage data.
TRAINFO collects live railroad crossing blockage data using its
trackside sensor. These sensors are installed off rail property and can
operate in nearly all weather and lighting conditions.
for the sensor spec sheet.
TRAINFO’s online dashboard
provides live data and historical
Railroad crossing blockage data is wirelessly transmitted to
TRAINFO’s secure cloud servers. Our machine-learning
algorithms analyze the data to produce summary statistics
and trends. This information is available through an online
dashboard and live webmap.
to see a demo dashboard.
Live Map

Shows the real-time status of railroad

Easily determine which crossings are currently blocked at a glance.

Raw Data Download

Every crossing blockage event is recorded and available as a CSV file.

Conduct your own analyses and produce custom statistics.

Spatial Statistics

Compare blockage frequency and duration for different crossings.

Easily determine which crossings have the most and longest blockages.

Temporal Statistics

Provides the number of blockges and blockage duration by hour-of-day and day-of-week.

Easily identify which time periods experience the most and longest blockages.

Access to raw railroad crossing data
Real-time data is available through our API. Historical data is downloadable as a CSV file.