You’ve installed flashing lights, bells, and gates and can’t afford grade separation. Now what?
Introduction When I meet with traffic engineers, here’s what they often tell me. “Garreth, I’ve got a rail crossing that’s creating major... (Read more)
Traffic Delays & Rail Crossing Blockages: Understanding Their Disproportional Relationship
Introduction At TRAINFO, we’ve collected years of unique train and traffic delay data at many different rail crossings. This data is extraordinarily... (Read more)
6 Ways Kidney Stones Are Like Traffic Issues at Rail Crossings
Introduction The other day I experienced a sharp pain in my abdomen. Nothing crazy, but enough for me to consult Dr. Google... (Read more)
4 Types of Drivers at Rail Crossings
Every three hours there’s an accident at a rail crossing in North America. Every day someone dies from these accidents. The primary... (Read more)
TRAINFO vs Google
Google Maps and Waze – these are two of my favorite apps for navigation. They show me different routes, predict my estimated... (Read more)
3 Tips for Getting RSIP Funding
Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP) is a fantastic way for any public agency (large or small) to fund rail safety... (Read more)
Rail Safety Improvement Program – Federal Funding for Rail Safety Projects
Many transportation professionals I meet are unaware of Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP) which covers up to 80% of the... (Read more)
Rail Safety Improvement Program – FAQ
Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP) covers 80% of project costs to improve safety at rail crossings. It has two components:... (Read more)
Traffic delays at rail crossings: Why quantifying delay while the crossing is occupied by a train and after the crossing clears could save you millions of dollars
Introduction We all know that traffic delays at rail crossings begin when the train arrives and the flashing lights, bells, and sometimes... (Read more)
Your traffic model is (probably) letting you down at rail crossings
Introduction The rail crossing on Waverley St in Winnipeg, Manitoba is notorious for its frequent blockages and for causing regular traffic delays.... (Read more)
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