There are 250,000 railroad crossings in North America and over 700,000 worldwide.
Millions of people travel across railroad tracks each day and are impacted by railroad crossing blockages.
Every 3 hours…
someone is hit by a train at a railroad crossing*
This results in nearly one death each day in North America. * North American statistics
Every day…
there are nearly 2,000,000 railroad crossing blockages*
This causes 18 years of cumulative traffic delay a day.
Every day…
vehicles stopped at railroad crossings produce 10,000 tonnes of GHG emissions*
This is equivalent to driving around Earth 3,000 times.
TRAINFO exists to solve these problems.
TRAINFO’s vision
A world with safe and seamless mobility at railroad crossings.
TRAINFO’s mission
Eliminate accidents at railroad crossings and minimize travel delays caused by railroad crossing blockages.
TRAINFO’s approach
Provide real-time railroad crossing blockage information to road users and roadway authorities.
TRAINFO’s products guide our customers through a three-stage approach to understand and mitigate railroad crossing blockages.
We call this The TRAINFO Way
Stage 1
Understand when and how long railroad crossings are blocked.
Provides real-time railroad crossing blockage information
Stage 2
Understand traffic impacts caused by railroad crossing blockages.
Measures traffic delays caused by railroad crossing blockages
Stage 3
Mitigate traffic impacts caused by blocked railroad crossings.
ITS Solution to reduce traffic delays at railroad crossings
Garreth Rempel Ph.D., P.Eng.
Co-Founder & CEO
Neil Ternowetsky Co-Founder & CTO
Jeannette Montufar Ph.D., P.Eng., PTOE
Co-Founder & VP of Sales & Marketing
Jonathan Regehr Ph.D., P.Eng.
Christian Dandeneau
In 18 years as President and CEO of ID Fusion, Christian Dandeneau has guided the company’s software development and consulting projects with partners Robert and Daniel Piché. Together they’ve built one of the most durable and respected IT companies in Manitoba, developing integrated solutions for clients around the globe. Dedicated to building thriving communities as well as businesses, Christian values ID Fusion’s identity as an Aboriginal/Metis company, actively seeking opportunities to encourage Aboriginal youth to pursue careers in the IT sector. Through his involvement with the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba (ICTAM), he has participated on committees working to develop career path opportunities for youth and a pilot diploma project for Aboriginal students at the University of Winnipeg.
Robert Hutchinson
Robert is a Vice-President at Exchange Income Corporation, a diversified, acquisition-oriented corporation focused on opportunities in aerospace and aviation services and equipment, and manufacturing.

Robert has significant experience in the transformation of companies by focusing on areas of budgeting, financial planning, strategy, corporate development and acquisitions. Robert also has significant experience managing and building cross-functional business relationships both inside and outside organizations.
Peter Sweatman
Peter is a cofounding principal of CAVita and has over 30 years of experience in transportation research and innovation, and the application of R&D. Dr. Sweatman is a past chairman of the board of ITS America, and also served as founding chair of the ITS America Leadership Circle. He served on the U.S. Department of Transport’s ITS Advisory Committee, as well as a number of roles with the Society of Automotive Engineers. At Transportation Research Board, he chaired the recent EU-US Symposium Towards Road Transport Automation, and served on the Committee on National Research Frameworks: Application to Transportation. He is currently working with the industrial consortium Together for Safer Roads. He served as director of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) from 2004 to 2015, and founded Mcity in 2013 and was its director until January 2016. He is currently co-chair of the National Academies/TRB Forum Preparing for Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility..
Canadian Commercial/Industry Technology Innovation and R&D Award
2nd Place - TRB Six Minute Pitch Contest
Technology Award
Featured in Winnipeg’s selection as a Top 7 Intelligent Community
Awarded pre-approved innovation status by Public Works Canada
Best Application of a New Data Source
1st Place - Green Dragon’s Lair Pitch Contest